Roche is a pioneer in personalized healthcare

The best oncology drugs in the world are most effective only when we link them to the right patients, at the right time. For over a decade, Roche has been at the forefront of personalized healthcare (PHC), working to support the medical field as it trends toward patient centricity. We know that it is also at the heart of your therapeutic strategy and why customization of an assay is of critical importance.

PHC is central to Roche’s approach and has played a key role in our advancements across the patient journey. Partner with us as we leverage extraordinary new opportunities to improve decision-making and deliver value-based, outcome-driven healthcare.

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Lung cancer patient going for the cure

The Nerstads find joy in making a difference for other cancer warriors, and in the sweet moments wrapped tightly in the love of family.



We see an enormous potential and huge opportunities in PHC. Targeted therapies and diagnostic tests that help to improve medical decision making not only offer clinical benefits for patients but are also attractive through health economic benefits to regulatory authorities and payers.

Severin Schwan

CEO, Roche

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